-We carry out type ratings, renewals, revalidations.
-CCQs AIRBUS, CTR A330-A350 ,
-INSERTION of Type Ratings from ICAO third countries to EASA.
-MCC using A320 or B737..

AIRBUS Type Rating
Renewal, Revalidation, CCQ (Short Cross Courses), ZFTT, SFI/TRI Courses ...

Type rating :
A310 A320 A330/350 A340

From A320 to A330/A350

From A320 to A340
From A330/A350 to A320
From A330/A350 to A340
From A340 to A320
From A340 to A330/A350

From A330 to A350

SFI / TRI: Airbus on All Models

BOEING Type Rating Renewal ,Revalidation, ZFTT , SFI/TRI Courses ...

Type rating: 
B737 300-900 B757/B767

SFI / TRI: Boeing on All Models

EMBRAER Type Rating, Renewal, Revalidation, ZFTT, SFI / TRI Courses ...

Type rating: EMBRAER 145


-Our type rating course on A320 / B737 includes:

Material on digital and paper support. Continuous supervision and tutorials carried out by an instructor of the typical aircraft. Unlimited use of our mockup and training aid programs. 9 sessions of FFS class D, the last one will be the skill test. Base training. Management of all documentation and payment of fees. Price from € 19,000 in a group of 2 pilots minimum.

-ZFTT A320 € 13,000 in a group of at least 2 pilots (For other models check price). 

-Courses to obtain revalidation, renewal and update courses for all types of TRI / SFI aircraft (see Price).

-MCC on A320 or B737 with JOC / JTC included. The course is carried out with a minimum of 2 pilots and consists of:

Theoretical phase.

-Theoretical Course on B737 or A320 and CRM Systems. 40 hours, 8 school days.

Practice phase.

-20 hours in two phases, the first in sessions of CBT, FNPT and another of six hours in FFS with JOC. Price 6000 €



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